The Best Time to Purchase a Home

Invest in December       To say that entering the real estate market as a possible buyer is intimidating is definitely an understatement.  With so many options available along with the task of aligning your needs versus your wants to your new investment, it’s a lot to take into consideration among many other factors.  One of […]

Top Tips When Investing

The Chicago Real Estate Institute is a one-stop-shop to help you gain knowledge and your independence when entering the real estate market.  The best way to understand all you need to know when investing in real estate is simple- get licensed!  CREI offers an abundant amount of flexible and affordable courses to lead you to […]

Is 2020 Your Year to Invest?

Are we ever be truly surprised to hear the market prices rising for Chicago homes?  2020 is said to bring an estimated 1% (and rising) increase rate to all real estate within the city.  If there is every a time to lock a property down in the area, it is now. With a population of […]