Taking Real Estate Classes? Here’s how to Build an Effective Study Group

Part of successfully passing the Illinois real estate broker exam involves developing good study habits. If you’re currently enrolled in real estate classes, here are some things you can do to build an effective study group so that you and your classmates can prosper.

Choose the members of your group carefully.

You should have at least one or two people who seem to grasp the material well so that they will be able to help others. Ideally, there should be no more than five or six people per study group, as any more than that can make things chaotic.

Decide on a quiet location to hold your study group in. Ideally, you will have a quiet place where there will be as few interruptions as possible. The location should also be conveniently located so that everyone in the group will be able to attend.

Think about asking someone who has recently passed the real estate exam to visit your group if you find there are several people struggling with a particular subject. This person can likely put things in perspective, and provide advice as to what you need to know for testing purposes.

Set up a schedule that will allow you to study the material regularly without getting burned out doing so. At most, you should probably limit your study sessions to no more than two or three times a week for around an hour or two at most.

Make sure everyone in the group is able to contact each other in case there are questions outside of your study time. The group leader should also have everyone’s contact information just in case meeting times need to be changed or cancelled for one reason or another.

By studying on a regular basis, you’ll be better prepared whenever it’s time to take the exam.

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