Phase 5’s Effect on Real Estate

As we near closer to a state of normalcy, Illinois recently announced the plan to fully reopen as we enter Phase 5 since the start of the pandemic. 

Starting on June 11th, a full reopening will begin however not all restrictions will be lifted.  Phase 5 is set to include the reopening at full capacity of businesses, events, conventions, seated-spectator venues, amusement parks, and more without having to wear a mask.  Though it’s suggested that individuals who are unvaccinated should continue wearing a mask. This excludes the required regulatory rules set by local businesses, workplace guidelines, public transit, health facilities, and more amongst other related public areas.  Social distancing is still recommended and will be in place in venues that can accumulate a large capacity of people.  With set ordinance of obligatory health screenings for employees and visitors.

      With these new advancements rolling out, it’s important to consider the effects it may have on the real estate market.  This is going to be a very exciting time for both agents and buyers/renters.  The pandemic put an abrupt halt and thrown many curveballs to almost every industry.  Now that we currently are adjusting to an updated form of regularity, industries that thrive on interpersonal connection can resume with success in full force.

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