Leasing Agents: Become a Broker Today!

Calling all Illinois leasing agents!

 It’s time to go all the way and seal the deal with your Illinois broker’s license.

We’ve tweaked our 75 Hour Broker Course a bit, and have made it much more user friendly. Basically, come to class whenever you choose. Finish in as little as one week, or take your time and finish in up to four months. If you’re having trouble with a certain section, check out our full course schedule and come to class when those chapters are being discussed.


Why Should I become a Broker?

  • Bring in potential buyers, sellers or renters — not just renters!
  • Work with residential OR commercial property.
  • Determine a competitive market price for properties and produce property listings. You are much more in control of your listings.
  • Prepare loyalty contracts, deeds, purchase agreements and other contracts. More responsibility = more $$

Enroll now! 

Call today at 773-880-7400 or enroll online at chicagorealestateinstitute.com.