Illinois Real Estate Courses Can Put You on the Path to a Lucrative Career

Today’s job market is tough, but the Illinois real estate market is coming back after a long slump, with home sales rising 25% year over year in April.

According to Indeed, the average Chicago real estate agent was earning $87,000 per year as of June 5, 2013, and with sales on the rise, that can only get better. If that doesn’t sound attractive, then you are probably already in the right business. But if, like many recent college graduates and displaced workers, you would like to try this fascinating and rewarding career path, then it is not that difficult. We can provide you with Illinois real estate courses in our classroom, or a self-study course that will put you on the road to success.

The course itself takes 90 hours of classroom instruction if taken at our Chicago office, or you can study at your own pace anywhere in Illinois if you choose our self-study course.

The curriculum includes such topics as licensing law, the law of real property, state and federal housing laws, contract law, agencies and their relationship with clients and customers, and financing. The last 15 hours, which must be taken in a classroom, relate to career path choices, record keeping, and so forth.

The state examination takes 3.5 hours, costs $46, and consists of 100 questions in the national section, and 40 questions in the state section. An informative candidate’s handbook can be viewed online, which fully explains every facet of becoming a broker.

Real estate licensees have a wealth of opportunity waiting for them once they have passed their examinations, and a quick look at CareerBuilder will show a hundred or two positions on any given day. Of course, those with roots in their communities will have no need for online resources to find an agency eagerly awaiting their services, especially now that the market is expanding again.

If you would like further information about our Illinois real estate courses and how they can prepare you for this lucrative career path, contact us today and let us help you get started