Chicago’s Southside Neighborhoods to Watch

Chicago is home to a vast variety of countless neighborhoods, each of them highlighting decades worth of culture. 

As the year’s progress, different neighborhoods all throughout the city have been focal points for restoration and renovation.  This may happen for a variety of reasons which always brings the market value of properties within that area at a fast-ascending rate.

Hyde Park has always been a neighborhood that offers more than its high regarded history. 

As it’s been providing residence to President Barack Obama and the University of Chicago, it offers an abundance of merrymaking excitement as the streets pack with restaurants, cafes, music venues, shops, and so much more.  The lakefront residence of the South Shore being not too far away joins in with a longstanding history to Chicago’s narrative as it was home to the World’s Fair in 1893.  Offering spaces to the public like theaters, art galleries, and libraries to enhance the creative mind.  It’s worth noting that the median cost if present property listings are set at around $100,000 and rental pricing around $1,100.

      With so many areas in the Chicagoland area rejuvenating its archival foundations and accommodating to the growing masses, it’s important to recognize Chicago’s surrounding neighborhoods.  It’s within these areas that residents can experience the many landmarks this city has to offer.  Having stood the test of time and weathered many storms, they have proved they are here to stay.