Real Estate Classes

School Reviews

Nowadays, everything is judged off the online reviews it receives. Thinking of a new restaurant? Check the reviews. Want to buy something off Amazon? Check the reviews.

With everything under such scrutiny, why should your choice in real estate school be any different?

The Chicago Real Estate Institute prides itself on our excellent reviews and student feedback. Our instructors are well rated not only because of the knowledge they possess, but also how they present that information and interact with students. With a maximum class size of twenty-four students, you really get the chance to have a more personal interaction with your teacher.

Our reviews are stellar on every platform, a 4.6/5 on Google & 4.5/5 on Facebook.

Check any of the major media sites and you will see how well our former students rate the Chicago Real Estate Institute. On Facebook we have 4.5 out of 5 stars, in part due to one of our instructors, “Five Star” Phil Balick. A real estate agent for many years, Phil is an animated and informative instructor that has the ability to impart his knowledge onto to students in his own, engaging fashion. Our school director, Oliver Stone, is also a highly reviewed instructor. He is our most mentioned instructor on sites like Yelp!, where we also have held a 4.15 out of 5 rating for the past several years.

In general, reviews are an essential part of any real estate agents career. Whether it’s someone lauding you on social media or a review site or perhaps just even to their friends and family, it’s always good to maintain the respect people have for your reputation and your brand. So don’t shy away from asking your clients to leave a good recommendation for you online!