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Accelerated Broker Course

A Rigorous, 2-Week Program Gets You Your License.

There has never been a better time to become a licensed Illinois Real Estate Broker.  Rising real estate market values in the coming years practically guarantee a successful merge into an exciting and rewarding career.  Whether your interest lies in commercial real estate or residential, leasing or sales, there will always be a perfect niche for the entrepreneurial minded individual.  The key to all of that is obtaining your broker’s license.

Here at the Chicago Real Estate Institute we have created a rigorous, two-week program that will fulfill the ninety-hour course requirement to receive your license. Our Accelerated Course has been tailored to fit the needs of students with varying experience and ensure absolute preparedness for the state exam.

Get Right to Selling Real Estate Quickly.

Life happens. People have jobs, kids, appointments and deadlines. Sometimes we just need to get things done without all the fluff. And that’s exactly what this course will offer. In the span of just two weeks, you will develop a thorough understanding of the material and get the opportunity to have the information fresh in your mind for the state exam. Many people are interested in this course because of its solid results, the accelerated pace at which you learn and the chance to start selling as soon as possible!

If you are passionate about sales, real estate is one of the best careers to help boost your income.  It’s a field where schedule flexibility and unlimited income potential go hand in hand.  In other words, there is no cap on your success.  Chicago Real Estate Institute is committed to guiding you along every step of the way.  We provide you with strong knowledge of the industry and give you the tools necessary to pass the Illinois licensing exam.  Once you have that broker license, there is no stopping you!  If you have been considering getting licensed, stop procrastinating, because an exciting new career in real estate is right around the corner.

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