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Persistence is Key

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“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” -Bill Bradley


Few things in life just happen. More often, they need a catalyst, something to set a chain of events into motion. Success is one of those things. Very rarely does it just happen. It takes patience, orderliness and persistence. That tireless, resolute thinking that accompanies success almost as often as failure. Persistence is an invaluable trait that all real estate agents should carry with them. The strength to pursue success, even when the road ahead looks challenging.

Statistically speaking, 48% of agents never follow-up with a potential client.

This means that almost half of all real estate agents aren’t putting in their best effort. Why be a part of that group? In real estate, your success is easily measured by your effort. If you’re someone who doesn’t follow-up, how can you expect to move forward? Very rarely in sales does the client feel comfortable moving forward off the first interaction. Not surprisingly, only 2% of sales are made off of the first contact. It takes time to present yourself and create that trust and comfort with your client. Its okay to be disappointed, but never feel discouraged by rejection. Not everyone will say yes and its just a matter of learning your strengths and improving on your weaknesses. By pushing forward through those difficult moments, you will begin to develop into a more well-rounded real estate agent.

Many seasoned agents will tell you that real estate agents aren’t salespeople, they’re problem solvers. Rejection and stagnation are just problems that need solving. If someone says they’re not interested in selling today, rather than say okay, ask if you can contact them again in a year. Don’t give up! Offer alternatives, ask questions. But in the world of real estate, you can’t just accept a “no”.