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So you’ve completed one of our pre-licensing courses. The state exam is looming ahead of you and you don’t feel quite ready yet. What are you going to do? How else can you prepare yourself?

One of the better ways to practice for the state exam would be using ExamSmart.

It’s an online program that you can download to your computer and go through countless practice questions and tests. ExamSmart also goes an extra step by breaking down each question and the available answers, explaining to you why each one is right or wrong. That’s an excellent aide, especially when you’re facing those areas that you’re not as confident in. My personal weakness was financing. What I really liked about ExamSmart was that it provides you with the option to choose an area of study to focus on while you’re practicing. So rather than have to go through a bunch of material I was already familiar with, I could go straight to the areas I needed the most help in. As an added bonus, it tracks the progress of your exams and shows how well you’re doing over time.

It is probably the most recommended study tool amongst our students as well.

After you purchase the product (which is only $49), you’re able to utilize it for 90 days. After that, the program expires, and you’d have to purchase again if needed. Although some may look at that as a bad thing, it’s actually really helpful in motivating you to use it while you have it. No one wants to waste money, right?
Overall, the Chicago Real Estate Institute gives ExamSmart a 5/5 star rating. Feel free to check it out and tell us what you think!