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Understanding Millennials in the Market

Appealing to the new mass generation is key when expanding your network and getting your name out there as an agent.  Keeping up with trends and technology is only half of the battle.  Understanding your market and how to appease them is the second half.

      Millennials are the newest and freshest faces to the buying and rental department.  They roughly span from the ages of 22- 37 years old.  This is the generation of technology, fast communication, and a short attention span.  If you yourself are not a millennial it may seem a tad out of your realm, initially, to try and connect with them as potential clients.  Three suggestions to grab and hold the eye of the potential millennial customer are as follows:

1.       Technology

      Online marketing has been on the rise for a multitude of years with the advancements of the world as a whole.  It has opened the gateway for advertisers to market themselves in a way that never has been done before.  The dated way of reaching potential clients like flyers, newspapers, and postcards are all rolled up into considerably one term by millennials: snail mail.  The tech-savy millennial is best reached where they can be found most of their days- on the internet.  This can range from email blasts, search engine optimization, and building an online presence like creating a website or blog.

2.       Interaction

      As millennials rose to power, face to face interaction took a sudden decrease.  However, that does not mean that interaction as a whole is totally out of play.  The field of real estate allows for a lot of room for creativity.  With that, take technology and interaction and create something new and fresh to capture the mind of the millennial market.  Host virtual home tours, skype with prospective buyers and sellers, email appointment reminds, and texting are key ideas to the new way of interaction.

3.       Social Media

This one should be no surprise.  With the help of technology and interaction then birthed social media.  The perfect combination of the two.  As an agent, social media is your playground to build for the millennial market.  Create your own Facebook Business page, Instagram account, Pinterest boards, Snapchat account, and YouTube videos.  Get creative and think outside of the box.  Social media is a platform of communication all of its own.