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Basic Training for Illinois Leasing Agents

Another Illinois leasing agent course has begun here at CREI. For those of you who missed the sign up date, here’s a little preview of what all aspiring Illinois leasing agents need to know right away. Our next course begins April 21.

Pick Your Poison – Commercial or Residential?

When working in Illinois commercial leasing, your networking focus is on business owners (large and small) and commercial property owners. You’re mostly dealing with office space, warehouses and retail store fronts. You have to be persistent, professional and good at maintaining a network for a long period of time.

 With residential leasing, you’re working with individuals or families looking for a place to rent – apartments, condos, duplexes and sometimes even single family homes. You’re network is, well, basically everyone. The majority of leasing clients are students and young professionals. You need to be organized, trustworthy and dependable, willing to be there for your client any time of day or night.

First choice when considering a career as an Illinois leasing agent is which area, commercial or residential, you would like to specialize in.

 Know Your Stuff (Requirements and Laws)

 Each state has its own laws and requirements for becoming a leasing agent. Illinois real estate licensing law requires that you are at least 18 years of age, complete a 15 approved leasing agent course, apply for licensure on forms provided by IDFPR and pass the Illinois state exam with.

Every aspiring Illinois leasing agent must know the basics of contract law, the terms provided in the leasing contract and be able to clarify these laws to prospective tenants. This varies from state to state. Keeping up to date on Illinois leasing laws will help you stay current and give you an edge on the competition.

Pick a Way to Get Your Clients

You can choose to represent Illinois landlords or property owners, individual prospective clients or both.

If you choose landlords, you will need to find property owners in need of someone to help them find tenants. You can usually find these listings via classifieds. Craigslist, anyone? Once you score the listing, you need to market it as much as possible.

If you’ve chosen to help an individual find their dream apartment (or store front, or commercial property), you’ll need to do a little more marketing of yourself. Talking to relocation companies or simply appealing to students, young professionals and young families is a good way to get started.

If you choose to do both, you’ll have to stay up-to-date on both marketing tactics relentlessly to be successful.

If this Illinois leasing agent 101 breakdown sounds like something you’d be interested in, sign up with CREI today! Call us at 773-880-7400, or enroll online.—


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