Frequently Asked Questions

Leasing Agent

Can I really get licensed as a leasing agent in just one weekend?

Yes.  The leasing agent course is a 15 hour class, taken over the course of 2 days (Saturday and Sunday), for 8 hours each day (9:30 am to 5:30 pm). Once students pass the final exam (taken 2nd day of class) they go on to take the state exam to get licensed.

How much do I have to pay for my license to the state?

Getting licensed as a broker costs $125, not including MLS fees. Leasing agents pay $75 to get their license.  Please go to for a full list of current MLS fees.

What is the difference between a Leasing Agent and a Broker?

Leasing agents are required to take a 15 hour course and pass the state licensing exam.  A Leasing Agent license only allows one to lease residential properties.  Brokers are required to take the 90 Broker Pre-Licensing Course as well as pass the state licensing exam but are enabled to assist with the leasing, selling and buying of residential, commercial, and industrial, etc. properties.

Do you offer any discounts?

For a limited time Leasing Agents can get $100 off their upgrade to broker using coupon “MayUpgrade” at checkout. This coupon won’t last long so sign up NOW! 

How much money do leasing agents typically make per transaction?

Each transaction is different. A leasing agent’s compensation is based on the rent amount of the property, the landlord’s compensation agreement and the leasing agent’s commission agreement.

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  1. dianna mcclain

    what fee are included in being a real estate broker associate?
    I am new and have no idea what all the fee include.
    I have my illinois brokerage license but am afraid of the cost and don’t know what to do…. please help..

  2. Alejandra Escobar

    Hi Dianna,
    Please give us a call at (773) 880-7400 so we can help you out.
    Alejandra Escobar

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